27/07/2018 LONDON, the results are in, have been checked and verified by our research team and we can now reveal some of the insights we have generated from MNOs and Vendors on VoLTE Roaming in our 2nd VoLTE Vision Report.There were many doubters. There was a lot of debate. However from insights we have gained this year, its clear that VoLTE is moving ahead and numbers of adopters are steadily increasing. A lot has to do surprisingly with the timeline for 5G, the benefits of 5G and the likelihood of when 5G will occur. Now that confidence is growing on VoLTE, MNO groups tell us VoLTE is now their priority, it’s clear the market will follow and global adoption is just a matter of time.

VOLTE VISION STRATEGY REPORT 2018 This report follows our 2016 Report of the same name and addresses VoLTE Roaming with also some insights on Interconnect. It features the views of 164 MNOs in 104 Countries globally. It explains the reasons why some MNOs feel that they will not adopt VoLTE as well as the reasons why many MNOs are adopting VoLTE. For more information about the content of the report click the following link.

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