Dhiraj Wazir joins Rocco Group as Chief Executive of Rocco’s new consulting business Rocco Strategy Ltd.

Rocco’s niche in connectivity research has developed since it began in early 2013 with its first report. Six years on and now counting 110 reports, Rocco Research is known globally by enterprises, investment companies, mobile operators and their vendors as an important source of strategic insights and outsourcing intelligence.   

While Rocco started out as a consulting company, pretty soon Rocco’s founder and chief exec Jason Bryan identified research was an obvious way to get Rocco’s advice and insights to a wider audience. 

In 2018 in order to specialize in both research and consulting, Bryan made the decision to separate the two business lines into independent companies.

“What’s always been desirable for us was to really make Rocco Research independent of the client projects we have. Especially when you consider clients from time to time also appear in our reports. The insights we capture about vendors are based on mobile operator or enterprise feedback, so we don’t have any influence over the results, but with so much sponsored research in the industry, we wanted to make it clear that the neutral research model really exists and is growing in importance.” Said Bryan. 

The creation of distinct businesses was a first step. With a focus on strategic consulting for messaging, roaming and revenue assurance, Bryan knew that Rocco strategy Ltd needed to go back to Rocco’s foundations to source a chief exec from a mobile operator, one who was passionate about Rocco’s independent outlook.  Enter ex Head of Interconnect and Roaming enablers Dhiraj Wazir who met the bill exactly. 

Wazir started his telecom career with Orange in India, then moving to the UK and working for T-Mobile Group before the mergers of Orange and T-Mobile in the UK created EE.

“Dhiraj is highly respected in the industry as a business development manager, someone who knows telecoms standards very well and has seen them play out in one of Europes biggest mobile operators”. Said Bryan 

The focus of Rocco Strategy is on delivering connectivity consulting for six types of businesses: Enterprises who need support for IoT and messaging engagement, Industry vendors, financial investment companies, regulators, and of course mobile and virtual network operators.  Wazir explained his core objectives

“Strategy is handling all Rocco’s client relationships, our team of consultants is growing and the market demand is such that we’re on a constant learning curve, but it’s rewarding to be at the heart of the telecoms industry as it prepares for an important new chapter framed by IoT with challenges like 5G, LPWA, eSim, all make this an interesting time for Rocco to help businesses open opportunities and find savings.”

Wazir and Bryan will represent Rocco Group at the GSMA WAS event in Malaysia in April and at ITW in June and at a number of ROCCO’s own events on Messaging and Roaming in Europe and Asia in 2019.

About Rocco Strategy

Rocco Strategy is a consulting company focussed on global connectivity consulting, bespoke research and strategic planning courses. 


About Rocco Research

Rocco Research is an independent Research company, producing 15-20 research reports annually on Vendor Performance, Strategy, Market Pricing and analysis.