Ask any experienced Roaming Manager and they will tell you, Roaming and Interconnect are specialist areas. Specialist not only in that your dealing with a specific function but also with standards, tools and systems which don’t exist in other fields. It should also be noted that most mobile operators don’t know where to put the roaming and interconnect function within the business, should it go in Finance, Marketing or Procurement.

Ask any experienced Roaming and Interconnect Manager and they will also tell you that resourcing is tough. It’s not easy bringing fresh minds into this new environment. This is where training can elevate anyone to feel more aware, more motivated and achieve business targets.

Specially designed Interactive training seminars on Industry hot topics that you define. Designed for Roaming Managers, Directors and Entrepreneurs or whomever you require.  For example LTE Seminars or Roaming Strategy Seminars for the group. 

Before we would be able to plan and think of the pricing for the seminar we would have to ask you to define and inform us about the following:

  • Your and your teams ability
  • For how many days you would like the seminar
  • We can suggest agenda topics according to a theme you decide or you can tell us exactly what you require and we will let you know if we can deliver it
  • Where you would like the seminar. In your office, a company office elsewhere or in a specific location you desire
  • If you would like us to include and specific Industry guests

More detailed requirements:

  • An open mind, our seminars are highly effective when people are engaged and open to creative ways to provide the training
  • Your delegates should not expect us to present slides, provide handouts during the training unless you specifically ask for this.
  • If you would like an electronics off meeting (If your staff come to training sessions in foreign countries to surf the internet, sightsee or take shopping trips during training, this training session it may not be that effective)
  • If you would like the training to be certified. Part of our Certification Programme ROCCO U which means at the end of the training you will have a full exam, be graded and receive certificates.