How do you differentiate? How do you ensure your clients can appreciate what you bring to the table when your competitors make the exact same claims? How do you ensure you are clued into the market and are aware of the needs of your customers and how they perceive you.

ROCCO’s experts are backed up by years of research and insights gathered from MNOs. We can not only help you understand where you stand in the market, but also guide you as to how you can improve your brand and product perception. With our fingers constantly on the pulse of the market, there’s no one better placed than ROCCO to help you understand your customer needs, Market dynamics and future opportunities and trends.

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It’s the contrast of opportunities of VoLTE roaming, IoT, LPWA, 5G, A2P messaging, RCS with the head winds of regulation, revenue and margin downtrend, erosion of roaming expertise, Fraud, Arbitrage that defines todays roaming & Interconnect world for an MNO. Rocco’s team of experts is dedicated to help operators on both fronts of protection and growth. The expertise and experience available at Rocco is unparalleled and primed to help MNO’s strive through and build competitive advantage in these challenging times. 

From helping you set up your roaming teams, auditing your roaming processes and evaluating if you comply with GSMA regulations to helping you with your procurement needs and assisting with RFP’s, training and sprucing up expertise, conducting strategy workshops and defining your product roadmap. Rocco is here to help.

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Success for any MVNO is underpinned by is ability to be nimble, to move faster than it’s bigger MNO counterparts. This means the focus areas of domestic business are optimally resourced with experts. However Value Added Services although critical generally tend to get relatively ignored in favour of the focus areas. ROCCO can ensure that MVNO’s can have access to the very best roaming and interconnect expertise and can effectively compete with best in class offerings and having the very best vendors working for them.

ROCCO can help MVNO’s with their market strategy, ensuring they stay untouched by fraud and arbitrage, get the best value from their host MNO when it comes to roaming & interconnect.

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The Internet of Things and Messaging brings amazing opportunities for Enterprises. It’s not surprising that these days organisations as diverse as banks, public authorities and retail brands are engaging with telecoms related vendors. However, telecoms is not an area most enterprises globally have worked with before…

For several years ROCCO has also been engaging with Enterprises in helping them understand this industry, before they make the important and often difficult step of choosing a platform vendor or aggregator for messaging. Combined with ROCCO Research, ROCCO Strategy offers unique insights which can be highly informative when it comes to making those all important strategic decisions.

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It’s often hard to get independent advice backed by industry research on how companies are performing. When companies conduct customer feedback surveys, the results often come with a question on how independent they really are.

For several years ROCCO has been gathering data specific to companies within the scope of our reports and having conducted multiple reports is in a great position to assist financial investment analysts with advice which can better determine whether companies really do what they say they do.

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