Detailed feedback about your product pricing, quality and design before it goes to market can be powerful feedback that enables you to pitch well and go to market with the right message.

The Insight Community is a specific group of approximately 25 MNOs from all MNO backgrounds (i.e. Independent or Groups, all regions) who assist us in exchange for strategic insights and free reports, with analysis of Vendors planned product and service offerings.

Clients present a product and service to ROCCO and we use the Insight Community to review the product or service disclosing or not disclosing the clients name that offers the solution.

Through interviews and/or group workshops, the MNOs advise ROCCO on:

The perceived market for the product or service,
What they like and dislike about the solution,
How interested they might be in purchasing the product, what customer base might be interested, what they might pay

All the data is then captured in a report by ROCCO and presented back to the client offering the product as a strategic insight into their own product development workshops.