Our Roundtables get all your management team up to speed on key industry topics and draws out their insights and knowledge as well with this unique combination of Training and Strategy.

Unite in learning and making decisions

What better way to make strategic decisions than gather all the relevant people, present inputs, give training and then make the decision. We find since most people in the team know each other that having a neutral outsider organise the session is precisely what works to reduce internal politics and get everyone onside. 


  • This Training session is chaired by ROCCO in the premises of a the client.

  • It lasts a day and you choose the topics and study area for the Training

  • The Provider can invite whom they want to the Roundtable but each delegate must be expected to prepare and work towards any inputs that may be needed. 

  • Ready to learn and unite in learning

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here we may be able to mix and match something bespoke for you.