We conduct research for MNOs and Vendors as and when it is needed on specific bespoke projects. We don’t complete our projects until we achieve meaningful and relevant data which can lead to actions and strategic decisions.




ROCCO has conducted numerous research projects for MNOs and Vendors alike over the last 6 years. With over 500 MNOs and 180 Vendors contributing to our research every year, we are a trusted and respected research vendor in the market. On top of this foundation, we still strive to learn new perspectives especially when they delve into new uncovered territories.

Research that promises to benefit businesses and increase learning, addresses issues that MNOs and Vendors recognise as important.

If research is to be used by MNOs and Vendors in meeting rooms, it must focus on the complex issues they face on a daily basis and provide active actionable data. However, different participants often hold divergent beliefs concerning the nature of research and learning and the relative importance of particular goals like strategic planning.

MNOs are more than passive recipients of published research—that is, they actively decide that certain research, which vendors take hours to produce and pay research companies a lot to create, is questionable or simply consider it as a sales presentation.

Research that promises to benefit MNOs and Vendors is explicit in describing the current true state of the industry and only then speculates on how it might change in the future.

Researchers should offer clear, complete explanations of why they are taking up particular research questions and why they believe the questions should be studied in a particular way. They should also explain how a given research project contributes to our understanding of the directions of specific products and services.

If you need information within your specific niche area, which you feel is missing or would be helpful for you to understand, or maybe you want to improve your business or uncover the right direction for a product, please contact us for assistance. Facts come much more freely from your clients when conducted by independent researchers.