We use our research on Vendors to assist MNOs or Enterprises with the Request-for-Information, Quotation and Proposal services. We can then go further to help run the projects.

If you’re in the telecoms business, you know all about RFPs: Requests for Proposal are how, many MNOs outsource new work or procure new services or tools.

ROCCO has seen many such RFPs over the years on all kinds of services. Since we research how Vendors perform, we are in a great position to help build RFPs and target vendors. Our market intelligence surveys of vendors are normally based on RFP questions. So we already have an abundance of data at our fingertips. 

Some RFPs are clear, detailed, and provide the right kind of information to help vendors quickly write a great proposal. Others, are more challenging. But what are the right questions to ask?

Keeping up with telecoms technologies that change daily is a full-time job, which is probably why you’re looking for an outside expert in the first place. 

Writing them can be daunting since you probably don’t spend all day designing clearing tools or firewalls but with the right guidance, you can draw up one that’s useful and concise. 

An RFP is the face of your company to potential vendors so it’s important to compose them well. Good RFPs lead to good proposals, good proposals lead to better working relationships, which lead to better projects and outcomes. 

So what should you include if you want to write a good one? What details do vendors need to know about your project to bid accurately? We have all the details and its not just about budgets but digging into the nature of the vendor and the people behind it.

Ask us about our services and how we can help you get closer to healthy long term relationships with the right vendors.